Diamonds Studs with Anjolee

Wearing a great pair of earrings always gives me confidence. Its the kind of accessory every woman should have. So when I needed new earrings, Anjolee helped me find the perfect pair. They're website was easy to navigate. Each jewelry was detailed and presented impeccably I knew I wanted simple earrings. Something classic. A pair that will 'awe' you, yet still elegant. What caught me eye were these visually stunning Six Prong Diamond Studs in White Gold. It fits my style. Classic yet elegant. Perfect to wear for any occasion, which I love. Anjolee customized these beautiful earrings for me and I couldn't be more grateful. As a blogger, this make me appreciate what I do even more. 

Anjolee truly about their quality of service. Their response about questions were answered quickly. My package arrived faster than I anticipated. What I admire the most is Anjolee's individualized focus on each piece of jewelry. Each is customizable and beautifully handcrafted with care. Truly extraordinary. 

Classic Six Prong Diamond Studs 


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