Beaming Over my Causebox | Spring 2019

Causebox has my attention with this incredible box for Spring. All the products are amazing. I subscribed because of Causebox's mission, (read here), and for the Megan Portfolio Clutch by Glass Ladder & Co in blush pink. The quality and detail of this clutch is amazing, making it the perfect staple for Spring. I can't wait to bring this clutch with me when I attend Create & Cultivate NYC next month. The Cleobella silk scarf is amazing too. It's so versatile. I love the color because its something different from the typical black I always wear. I'm also beaming over the Marina De Buchi Luxe Charm bracelet. This particular item is extraordinary because it symbolizes freedom and supports the cause to end human trafficking. I love what Marina De Buchi stands for. For my causebox, I selected the 'Unlock Your Dreams' bracelet. 


  1. Keep up the good work in developing your craft and dream. So many people are too scared to chase their dreams because of the possibility of failure. You bringing your drean to fruition is amazing and trial and error will be your guide, but perseverance and passion will be your fuel. Keep forging ahead!

    1. Thank you for your kinds words Dominique. We all have dreams but making that a reality has to start from somewhere. My blog is everything to me.


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