The First Step to Create & Cultivate

I'm going to Create & Cultivate next month. My very first conference in my hometown. Excitement is an understatement. It was a hard decision deciding between which tickets to purchase, G.A. or VIP, for this conference. I want the full experience as a first timer so I decided to VIP. I'm so excited. Perks that come with it includes picking your mentors and track number. Deciding between Track 1 or Track 2 wasn't easy either. There are so many great panelists. It's going to be day of jam packed information. Utlimately, I picked Track 1 which focuses on growing your brand and entrepreneurship. It fits with my goals for the blog and expanding to other ventures. 
With Create & Cultivate next month, my welcome kit arrived this week. This box is so aborable and in pink. I love this color. What's inside is my VIP badge, my mentors card, ticket to VIP lounge, and some cool pins to wear the day of the conference. I just want to pinch myself because this is what I wanted to do this year. Attend a Create & Conference and network. Meet other women who love blogging and support each other. My goal is coming true and this will lead more inspiring events to attend. 

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