My Summer Obsession w/ This Vinyl Shopper Bag

What's my obsession this summer? Collecting bags in every style.
When I attended Create & Cultivate, I wore this beautiful Vinyl Shopper bag from Zara to compliment my outfit. I love the color. I bought the bag because its different from what I usually get. It matched my shoes with the vinyl material and I couldn't be happier with it. What's also cute about it is the removable leather pocket. It's so cute! I use that little guy as a coin purse for errands almost everyday. 

On my coffee run yesterday, I wore this bag for the second time. Yes, the second time!! I kind of think of it as a special occasion bag, but that's going to change. It's too cute to keep inside my closet all summer. So daily errands and cute coffee shops will be the perfect way to show off my new Vinyl Shopper bag

Cheers to endless summer nights!

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