How I Spent my Birthday Weekend

This past Saturday was my birthday, August 24th. Yes, I'm a Virgo and officially turned 31 years old. Every year I always look forward to doing something different on my birthday. This year I did just that but first brunch with my momma. To celebrate my birthday, we went visited Nickel & Diner in Soho. I found this place on Instagram and loved the retro vibe of the place. Funky with a minimal aesthetic. 
For lunch, I treated myself to Belgian waffles. My first time eating Belgian waffles and it has changed my life. LOL, it was so good. Of course, I had to have my matcha latte. My mom ordered five & dime sliders accompanied by french fries. Nickel & Diner is a gem. The food was excellent and the service was exceptional, a truly fantastic way to celebrate my birthday.
Enjoyed a quick beer at Jimmy's Corner before the broadway play started. The bar was very small but it had a good vibe to it. We made it in time for happy hour right before the 8:00 pm show started. The broadway play we saw was SeaWall/A Life starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge. The synopsis tells the story of two men who witness and deal with tradegy in their lives as it happens. Every moment of the storytelling felt raw as the audience watched and held on the every word said. The play was incredible and after reading the reviews prior, I'm not surprised. Jake and Tom were phenomenal. My favorite part of SeaWall/A Life was Jake singing and playing the piano at the end. It was magical. On a limited run, they will be at the Hudson Theater until September 29. I plan on seeing it again before then and get a closer view.

Took a selfie at SeaWall/A Life inside the Hudson Theater 

I received a lot of well wishes on my birthday and a huge thank you to mom for my making my day so special. I had fun and thoroughly enjoyed me first. I went to my first play and had my first taste of Belgian waffles. I love doing firsts of anything. Next year for my birthday with another first for the books. 

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