Cloth & Paper | August Stationary Box

 The August stationary box from Cloth & Paper is golden. Literally, golden! The luxury, yet simplistic detail with their stickies, dashboards, and inserts has taken over my planner. This is the first subscription box I've gotten.

Inside this month's box you get black and gold paper clips (below).  Transparent adhesive notes in two sizes (pictured left), that I already started playing with these inside my planner. Adding notes. Sticking them on the transparent 'Inbox' dashboard. I can easily fit them into the side pockets in my planner. One of the reasons I subscribe to this month's box is for the stickies (below). There are 96 matte black and gold stickies. I've been using these like crazy for day to day errands. They pair perfectly with the 'Self Care' stickies that come in 196 total. 
My favorite item in this box would be the clear pouch. Its small and easily fits the notepad (pictured right), paper clips and stickies. I would use it as a clutch and carry it along with my planner. Overall, I was so impressed with this stationary box. Cloth & Paper went above and beyond with every detail in this box. I really love the quality of the pouch and how much product you get for your money. 

The September stationary box will be a collaboration between Cloth & Paper and Ashley Jones Hatcher. I'm excited to see what kind of inserts will be included. 

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