The Golden Winter Causebox

When I said I love the Fall Causebox, that's an understatement compared to the Winter Causebox. I like to call this one the cozy box because it has everything you need to pamper yourself all Winter. As an annual member, I have the option to customize my box. The first piece I chose was the knit throw blanket that was to available in two colors, Cream with pom poms or Slate with tassels. I chose Cream because it went with the decor of my apartment and I love pom poms. The blanket is thick and super cozy too. 

Since I moved into my apartment, I’ve fallen in love with mugs. The two custom mugs in the Winter causebox from Whitney Kerney is a great addition to my collection. The abstract design of these mugs is so beautiful. Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows will never look so good in one of these cups lol. 

What's inside the Winter Causebox?

Set of two custom mugs from Whitney Kerney
Luxe Jewelry Box from Samara
Knit Throw Blanket from Imani Collective
Set of earrings from Foxy Originals
Daily Hair Vitamin from Vitiv hair


  1. Those mugs are so cute!!! I need them omg

    1. Right! I absolutely love these mugs. I’m building a collection of them.


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