A Typical Sunday Afternoon

Coffee keeps me going throughout my crazy work schedule. My love affair with coffee began in middle school. My mom bought home a mocha frappuccino, I tried it, loved it, and have been hooked ever since. Simple. Now that has expanded to tasting different coffee roasts with the cutest latte art. So what's my drinks of choice? Typically, I order either an iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel or an iced matcha latte from Starbucks. When I'm at work, it's either an iced coffee or an iced matcha latte. In the city, I like to visit coffee shops with a combination of latte art and quirky coffee drinks. One of my favorite cafe is Cup & Cup. I love their red velvet latte and matcha latte. Then, there's Sweet Moment in lower Manhattan. They have the cutest bear latte art and some tasty coffee too. 

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