Empty Studio Apartment Tour

I signed the lease for my first apartment in October. One of my proudest moments thus far. It’s a 945 sq feet studio apartment with two closets. The building itself has been renovated and is super clean. It also comes with a laundry room, a mailroom and a gym. 

I’m a firm believer in making your first place truly feel like home. I consider my apartment to be just that. A space where I can relax and commit to doing nothing all day. For my apartment decor ideas I visited Pinterest on how to make small spaces look big. The main goal is not to clutter the space. For essentials, IKEA has fulfilled my kitchen needs whereas Target has hit the nailed on the head with the amount of cozy blankets I purchased from them. What I love about my kitchen is the counter space and cabinet storage. One of my decor ideas is to put a bench and small table by the window. 

I recently purchased a few items for the living area. I have this Nadell coffee table with storage. The table top finish is in reclaimed barnwood. It goes perfectly with the Abbeville Oriental Cream/Brown area rug. The colors match the aesthetic I'm aiming for with my apartment decorations! I will be adding books as I go to put inside my coffee table. What I look forward to adding more are fresh flowers to fill my ceramic block vase, which I got in white. 

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