Celebratory Birthday Brunch at Charlie Bird and Denino's

Happy Birthday to Me! August 24 is the day I was born 32 years ago. I am grateful to be on this earth and surrounded by love. Grateful for my health. Life is beautiful when you focus on self love and living for your higher purpose.

 Being the Virgo that I am, planning my birthday festivities is what I enjoy the most. That is what makes me happy, truly! The celebration started at Charlie Bird, an Italian inspired restaurant, located in Soho. As many times as I walked around that area, I never noticed Charlie Bird until now. It's a hidden gem! To start, drinks were needed. My brother and I had the recommended, "Normal Was Boring", along with Prosecco by the bottle.  I was sold on the Normal Was Boring when the waitress said tequila was in it. Who can say no to tequila, right! For brunch, I ordered Mushroom Frittata. My brother ordered Salmon Tartare with Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe. My mother ordered the Bucatini Fra Diavolo. 

Experiencing the food at Charlie Bird complimented with the impeccable service made my birthday truly special. I felt the love and joy of being able to celebrate my birthday in a positive way. The best was saved for last. Dessert! The birthday girl was treated to Chocolate Budino, made with rice krispies and olive oil gelato. Top with a single candle, I made my wish! It was beauitful. Thank you, Charlie Bird! 

Next, we walked around MacDougal St. to find a spot for drinks after brunch. The vibe outside was lively. Music was booming and people were everywhere enjoying themselves.


  1. This place sounds so delicious! The frittata sounds amazing and the place so charming i am keeping it for my next travel

    1. I recommend this place. The food and service was fantastic. You won’t be disappointed.


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