The Vessel at Hudson Yards

The City, New York, is and will never be dead. Just because Coovid-19 has stalled businesses in every industry doesn't mean the city is dead. In fact, it is very much alive. Over the weekend, I visited the Vessel nestled inside the Hudson Yards. Fun Fact: The centerpiece of the Hudson Yards is its spiral staircase, a soaring new landmark meant to be climbed. It's crazy to see what developers can do with the space in such little time. I remember when the Hudson Yards was still in development, now its magnificent to see. The Highline is my spot to walk around. The Vessel will be the spot to truly appreciate how resilient the city is. When you have a dream, the city will inspire you to go after it no matter what. Just visiting this landmark made me feel that and more. Let's not forget how instagrammable the Vessel is. I was not the only, certainly won't be the last, to take countless pictures there. Every angle is a shot. Literally! 

Once the pandemic is over, I can't wait to go inside the Vessel. Walk all the way to top and be in awe of the view. It's going to be incredible. 


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