Autumn in South Orange is the most magical time of the year.  Seasons change. The weather becomes colder. Iced coffees become hot ones. Love is thriving in abundance. I truly love the autumn time. Although, it did feel weird my coat for first time since April. I’m not complaining since I’ve shopped for new winter clothes including a beige peacot and loafers. This scar I’m wearing is by designer, Peter Som, and seen in post here. I love the colors and how cozy the scarf feels. It’s so essential to have a great scarf to keep you warm. As always enjoying the colder weather doesn’t make sense without a cup of coffee. So my mom and I visited our local cafe, Jackie & Son’s. We both ordered iced latte, with mine having almond milk. It was so good! It’s going to feel good having hot coffee again especially an caramel macchiato to warm my hands as I sip my drink. The chills I have!


  1. I love autumn too. Love the colors, the sweaters, the boots and the scarves. The only thing that i don't love about autumn is the knowledge that winter is next. I am not a cold weather fan!

    1. Autumn is my favorite season even though I’m a summer baby. I don’t mind the cold.

  2. Reminds this Relocated New Yorker of Queens


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